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Why Choose Me for Life Insurance in Alberta?


life insurance in AlbertaLife insurance in Alberta. Are you putting it off because you find the topic unpleasant? Do you think you cannot afford it or don’t think it has any value? I became a broker and launched Reassured For Life because I have seen, first-hand, the importance of life insurance. To me, life insurance means peace of mind. I want you to have that peace of mind too.

Why “Reassured For Life”? 

I design life insurance policies in Alberta for families, individuals and small businesses that change as your life/situation changes. That could mean term to fit your budget, or permanent to take care of life-long insurability. I’m a big fan of riders. Those are the policy add-ons that take care of disability, critical illness, and other risks that could be short or long-term (although you can get a critical illness policy, disability policy, etc., as a standalone product too). You are Reassured because your policy takes care of you for life.

But what good would that be if someone was not alerting you to when your policy is up for conversion, renewal, or a life event means your policy needs updating?

The other way I reassure you for life is through “babysitting” your policy. I don’t sell you a policy and then run away! You are going to hear from me in advance of conversion and renewal times, I’ll be in touch to check in on any life changes (for example, if you have a baby, a family rider is a good idea) and you can call me anytime you have questions or concerns.

Life Insurance in Alberta for Busy People

Life is busy. I get it! I’m a mom and a business woman too! I know it’s hard to fit important appointments into your day between the school drop off, work, the after-school activities, groceries, housework… the list never ends! I have a solution for busy people in Alberta that need life insurance.

When you work with me, we can communicate by phone, email, or even text messages. Your application can be filled out online using screen share software, so we can complete it on a tablet or a laptop between soccer games and supper. Although I’m happy to meet with clients face-to-face, you don’t have to come into an office or set up appointments. My schedule includes regular business hours, but also early mornings, evenings and Sundays so you can get the life insurance, and the reassurance, you need.

Don’t go Another Day Without Being Reassured

life insurance in AlbertaNot knowing where the money is going to come from for you and your family if you become disabled, develop a critical illness, have an accident while travelling, or pass away is a nagging stress in the back of your mind that you just don’t need. Contact me today for free advice and a consultation. We’ll chat, and you’ll get honest, practical advice and no-obligation quotes.

When you need life insurance in Alberta, call me. I’m Nerissa, and I want to reassure you for life.