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Alberta Group Medical Insurance

Do you have a small business in Alberta? Are you looking to offer group medical insurance to your employees? Do you wonder if your business is too small, too new, or simply cannot afford benefits? Good news! Alberta group medical insurance is available for your team with a variety of options, and at several different price points.

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Alberta Group Medical Insurance Means Employee Retention

As an entrepreneur with a growing business, you know your staff are the backbone of your company. By providing life group medical insurance, your team knows you value them and their work. Employees that have group benefits are more likely to stay with, and be loyal to, your company.

Alberta Group Medical Insurance Means Healthier Staff

Access to the health, dental and vision care your team needs means happier, healthier employees. Healthy employees means less sick time. Less sick days among your team means greater productivity. Everyone wins!

Alberta Group Medical Insurance is Affordable

As a small business or startup, you watch every penny, and you are concerned about the cost of sponsoring employee benefits. I understand that. I know your business is unique and it deserves an equally unique, customized, and affordable group medical insurance solution that fits your needs, your team’s needs and your budget.

Curious About Alberta Group Medical Insurance? Call Nerissa

I work with small businesses like yours to get them the group medical insurance they need. As a broker, I have access to all the group medical insurance products in Alberta, and I’m excited to reassure you and show you the options!