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Individual Health Insurance in Alberta

Flexible, Portable Coverage

Individual health insurance in Alberta means insurance that is portable, remaining with you when you change jobs, become self employed, or take time out of the work force. It is more customizable than an employer-sponsored plan, and it grows and changes with your needs as your life changes.

The most common elements of an individual health insurance plan in Alberta are: vision, dental and drugs (prescription medication). However, there are a lot of other options, and individual health insurance carriers, that can get you the truly flexible coverage you need.

For example, if you own a small business, you may be interested in a health spending account (HSA) for you and your family. The HSA option provides coverage for a wide range of health-related needs under one convenient umbrella. There are also carriers that specialize in covering those with pre-existing health conditions. Non-smoker rates are available for casual marijuana smokers. No medical coverage is there for those are hard-to-insure.

Those are just a few of the flexible and affordable options in today’s individual health insurance policies.

Get the Reassurance of Individual Health Insurance in Alberta

As a broker, I have access to all the carriers in Alberta. I will find the coverage that bests fits your needs and lifestyle. Be reassured that you can afford medical, dental, vision – and more – care when you need it.

For your individual health insurance in Alberta needs, or to top up your employer-sponsored health benefit plan, call Nerissa today.