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It’s Good That I Worry So Much

Written by Nerissa

I’m a worst-case scenario type of gal. While this doesn’t make me popular at parties, it does work well for selling life insurance. Since I look at what could possibly go wrong in any given situation, I also do that for my clients.

What Do I Worry About?

What does a worry wart like me do? In a theatre I look for the exits in case of a fire. When driving I’m constantly making a plan on what to do if the car I’m passing veers into my lane. As a mom – well, let’s just say we can’t make it to the park without my trusty backpack filled with Band-Aids, water, sunscreen, and extra clothes!

I don’t mind being such a worrier. It’s just who I am and it doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of life. It certainly makes me a better broker, because I can see what risks are possible, and design a life insurance plan around it.

Why Worrying Works for Being a Life Insurance Broker!

For example, if a client comes to me looking for life insurance, I’m also going to ask about debts, family health history, travel plans, and financial goals. The client may need not just life insurance, but critical illness insurance (tax free lump sum to help with the costs of a devastating illness), long-term care insurance (to provide for an ailing family member that may need a long-term care facility), whole life insurance (super cheap for children and insures them for life while building up cash savings), etc.

On the flip side, my big-picture thinking also stops you from being over insured. If the client is a professional, I’m going to check his or her association memberships to see if they already have coverage, or if that coverage is cheaper than what I could provide. If the request is for disability insurance, I’m going to ask what disability coverage is already in place (such as through a spouse’s work benefits). Disability insurance maxes out at a certain level; if you have too many policies, you wind up paying for insurance you can’t use.

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I Worry on Your Behalf

I love being a broker. I love looking at all the pieces of a puzzle and putting together a plan that works long-term for my clients. I love babysitting those plans and worrying about them every year, checking to see what can be tweaked to continue to meet the client’s needs as life goes on. I love to worry on your behalf.

As your broker, I worry for you – and I genuinely enjoy it. So, if you’ve been meaning to check out life, health, dental, small business or any other type of insurance, but you don’t like to think too much about it, give me a call. I’ll sweat the small stuff for you, figure out all the details, and give you an easy-to-understand rundown of your options, and we’ll take it from there.

PS: I don’t ask for referrals from my clients, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about!

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