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Put Your Needs on Your Christmas Wish List

Written by Nerissa

Happy holidays! This season as you rush around taking care of gifts and family get-togethers, don’t forget about that other important person on your list… you!

The holidays are a time of happiness and togetherness, but for many it can also be a time of stress and worry. The expense of gifts and extra food for gatherings on top of an already shaky budget can leave you saying no, no, no instead of ho, ho, ho.

Don’t let the holiday season get you down. There are answers and help out there for those wondering about their financials now and into the future. There are caring advisors that will listen and that genuinely want to help you.

I’m a life insurance broker because I want to reassure people about their financial futures (hence the company name!). It brings me great joy to ease people’s minds and show them there is a way forward. I do this with access to all the life and health insurance products in Canada, and by referring clients to other professionals that I have complete confidence in should they need a personal financial planner or to invest a sum long-term.

Put yourself and your peace of mind on your holiday wish list this year. Resolve to take care of what matters to you, including your financial future. And most of all, have a happy, safe, wonderful holiday season.


Nerissa McNaughton

About Reassured

We work with individuals across Alberta to secure the best life insurance rates.

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