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Small Business Insurance

Many business owners are unsure about what type of health insurance they need, or how much they need. With so much information swirling around the Internet it’s hard to know what’s what.  This is a problem because it prevents owners from getting the business coverage they need, so they’re open to risk and loss. Below.. More

Health insurance is great, particularly now that life expectancy has increased and 50 is now the new 30. Advancements in healthcare also play a role in curing diseases. Illness that were once lethal are now minor. The problem is that not all health care services are covered by the Alberta government. Group medical insurance in.. More

One of the most popular employee benefits is group medical insurance. Medical insurance is something everyone needs, because everyone gets sick or needs dental work. However, many people can’t afford the out of pocket expenses for medical care, so they go without. The cost of prescription drugs alone is very expensive. If employees have a.. More

Small businesses make up over 90 per cent of all the businesses in Alberta! You can say that Alberta is built by entrepreneurs that put their time, energy and resources into the provincial economy. It’s not easy to build a business from an idea to a self-supporting career, and that is why small business owners.. More