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Common Misconceptions About Small Business Health Insurance in Alberta

Written by Nerissa

Many business owners are unsure about what type of health insurance they need, or how much they need. With so much information swirling around the Internet it’s hard to know what’s what.  This is a problem because it prevents owners from getting the business coverage they need, so they’re open to risk and loss. Below we’ll look at the common misconceptions about small business health insurance in Alberta to help owners sort out the myths from fiction.


Three Common Misconceptions About Small Business Health Insurance in Alberta


  1. Small Business Health Insurance Isn’t Necessary:

    The most incorrect common misconception about small business insurance is that small businesses don’t need it. But the truth is that any business, regardless of its size, is vulnerable. You and your employees are only productive when you are in your best health mentally and physically. Having access to affordable health care that falls outside of the provincially sponsored coverage (medication, prescription drugs, therapy, etc.) is important.


  1. Small Business Insurance in Alberta is too Expensive

    The cost of finding and training new employees that leave your company so they can work with one that has health insurance is costly. Lost work time due to employees suffering from poor health is costly. Not having small business health insurance in Alberta costs your company in more ways than one.


  1. Savings will Suffice:

    It’s hard when you are just getting your business off the ground to think of one other expense – such as small business health insurance in Alberta. You’re already thinking about your product and service line, branding, marketing, getting more clients… and all that comes with a cost. Surely your personal savings will be enough to cover a medical emergency, right?

    Perhaps, but what if your child needs braces or you need a root canal? What if you or an employee develops an illness and the cost of medication is prohibitive? Savings can quickly be depleted. An affordable small business health insurance plan that utilizes payroll deduction to help control costs to your company is an affordable solution for both you and your staff. Your company can administer the plan and each employee pays their share via a payroll deduction, or your company can split the cost with the employees. There is so much flexibly to ensure you and your team gets the plan that works for all of you.

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