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Why I Don’t Ask My Clients for Referrals

Written by Nerissa

I don't ask for referralsLife insurance is important, and it is also an uncomfortable conversation. I’m selling you something you do not want (but need) and when you have it, you hope to never use it. I understand how that feels! After all, I took care of life insurance for myself and my family too!

This is Why I Don’t Ask for Referrals

Personally, I feel that asking my clients to give me a list of their friends and family that I can call compounds the difficulty of the conversation, and it also puts you in an uncomfortable situation. That’s why I don’t ask for referrals.

To me, the most important part of life insurance in Alberta is making sure my clients and prospects are informed and educated about their choices, and are comfortable with the conversation. It’s an ongoing conversation that evolves as your life changes, and it’s an important conversation when it’s suddenly time to make a claim.

I need learning about and investing in life insurance to be a reassuring experience for you, and that is why I don’t ask for referrals.

Call in Confidence

I’m a broker, not an agent, so I have no quotas to fill. This enables me to be truly impartial and gives me the time and space to put your needs first.

Brokers are freelancers. We don’t work for one specific life insurance carrier. We are free to recommend the products of any carrier in Alberta. That means you get options and choices. Learning about the different options can be hard and time consuming on your own, so I do that for you! I present you with your best options and I fully explain them, so you are confident in your choice without feeling like you owe me a referral for my services.

I don’t ask for referrals. I know if you are happy with your service, that will speak for itself. Contact me in confidence today about life and health insurance in Alberta.

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