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Good News for Small Business in Alberta

Written by Nerissa

So you have a small business in Alberta. I bet you’ve looked at various ways to get health and dental benefits but were sad to see that you needed around five employees to qualify. I have good news for you! There are programs, accessible to brokers like myself, that are designed for Alberta small business owners with any number of employees!

How many employees are in your Alberta small business?

Are you the only employee (solo-run, solo-owned)? Perhaps you are in a partnership? Maybe there three people on staff and they are all part-time (20 hours week)? I have access to group health benefit plans for you.

Is your company growing? Do you need a plan that allows you to easily add members as they come on board? No problem. Flexible plans for Alberta small business owners take this into consideration.

Can small business owners in Alberta afford group health 


Yes! As the Alberta small business owner, you decide how to set up the payment structure. Once the plan is broken down into how much it will cost for each employee per month, you can decide if the staff will pay their portion in full via payroll deduction, or if your company will co-pay or fully pay the premiums.

If my staff are paying for their own portion, what’s the point?

Group insurance in Alberta is typically cheaper than individual insurance. When your small business in Alberta is pooled with other small businesses in Alberta, you get access to great rates!

What if I’m on my own or have just two employees?

You still have options, and one of those is the Health Spending Account (HSA) – a tax-advantaged plan that allows you to write off applicable health expenses.

Keep your small business in Alberta healthy and growing

Health benefits keep you and your team in top form to do the work needed to keep your small business growing. Don’t assume you don’t qualify for, or can’t afford, group health insurance in Alberta. Contact me today to learn what options are open for you and your company.

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