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Personal Insurance in Alberta

What is “personal insurance in Alberta”? This term references the suite of insurance products that are purchased on a personal, not a group, plan.

Let me explain

“Group insurance” is what you get from your workplace (the employee benefit plan). It’s a wonderful work perk, but it may not have enough coverage to protect you and your family. You may need a top up of life insurance coverage, the additional of critical illness insurance, a health and dental plan, etc. You can purchase personal insurance in Alberta to complement your employee benefit plan.

Personal Insurance in Alberta for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need their own life, health, accident and sickness insurance policies when they don’t have access to a group plan. There are many affordable personal insurance plans in Alberta for entrepreneurs, that take into account that they may also need a group plan for their employees later, as their company grows. The good news is, being an entrepreneur does not mean you have to live without life insurance.

Personal Insurance for Homemakers

Staying home with the kids is a full time job – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! A homemaker’s contribution to the family finances is very important. It may be “unpaid work” but the value of childcare, housekeeping, cooking and managing the family schedule is priceless. Should the homemaker pass away or become ill for an extended period of time, the household would suffer financially. Personal insurance in Alberta is important for homemakers and their families.

Personal Insurance in Alberta: Do you Need it?

You need personal insurance in Alberta if your group plan does not provide enough coverage, or you do not have employer-sponsored benefits. Policies I may recommend as your broker include:

  • Life insurance
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • HSA (for entrepreneurs)

Contact me today for a free assessment of your life insurance needs. If you need personal insurance in Alberta, I’ll compare plans and rates on your behalf so you can get the reassurance you need.